Alpe Adria Ultra 25 km

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Alpe Adria Trail 25 km
Tarvisio, Piazza Unità d'ITA--> Tarvisio, Palasport
25 Km 1770 D+
€ 20-35
6 h
Federation: AICS
Official Start: 29/05, 9.00 AM
Special Start:NO

Refreshment Points
Ristoro Km
Golf Club Km 6
Camporosso Km 19
Palasport Km 25

Time barriers
Km Time
Camporosso Km 19 h 15.00

Bib Pickup Time
Location Time
Tarvisio 28/05 - h 12.00-20.00
Tarvisio 29/05 - h 06.00-08.00

Bag dopoff
Transition Bag restitution
> 12.00 29/05
Location Time
Tarvisio 28/05 - h 12.00-20.00
Tarvisio 29/05 - h 06.00-08.00
  • Food and water you will need to run 5 km
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup, only for those wishing to take advantage of the refreshment
  • Mobile phone


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Es ist ein Rennen mit einem sehr einfachen Rezept:
14,3 km Aufstieg mit 1700 D+ entlang der Pisten: super leicht, super grün, super lustig…. ⛰️ ⛰️ aber anspruchsvoll! 
5,6 km schnell talwärts auf dem Weg – Sentiero del Pellegrino 
5,5 km zurück zum “Palasport”, in einer hügeligen Strecke mit einigen Anstiegen.

The Alpe Adria Trail is one of the seven most beautiful trails in the world, and the Alpe Adria Ultra Trail translates the beauty of this trail into an Ultra Trail race. Alpe Adria Ultra Trail 25 km is a race designed for those who want a fast track but also extremely scenic and of great impact.

Julian Alps The Julian Alps extend partly into Italian territory and partly into Slovenian territory. The Julian Alps are characterized by the imposing limestone – Dolomite walls and the wild nature of their territory. The latter is rich in morphological, fluvial, glacial and karst varieties. In the Julian Alps the mighty walls are followed by summits scattered with grassy ledges alternating with rocky crags. The main peaks of the Italian Julian Alps exceed 2500 meters, never exceeding 2800. Four peaks with the forests of peaks that surround them dominate the Italian Julian Alps and identify as many Groups: M. Mangart (2.668 m.), The Jôf Fuart (2.666 m.), The Jôf di Montasio (2.753 m.) And Mount Canin (2.587 m.) Val Saisera Enclosed by an imposing circle of mountains, among which the Jôf Fuart and Jôf di Montasio, Val Saisera is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating valleys in the area. From the asphalted road, which leads from Valbruna to Val Saisera, there are a large number of forest roads and paths that allow you to make wonderful excursions. Monte Lussari To enjoy an incomparable view of the entire chain of the Julian Alps, there is nothing better than reaching, through the suggestive Sentiero del Pellegrino , which winds in the woods of the Tarvisio forest, the mystical Sanctuary of the Madonna di Lussari , surrounded by the small village of the same name, which has always been a pilgrimage destination for Italian, Slavic and German faithful. Tradition has it that it was built in the place where an apparition of the Madonna took place. For ski lovers, the Pista Di Prampero starts from the top of the mountain, offering one of the most exciting descents in the region. The Pilgrim’s Path, on the other hand, is much appreciated by those who love trekking . Camporosso It is located in the Alpine watershed between the Adriatic Sea, with the Fella River and the Canal del Ferro and the Black Sea, with the Slizza River and the Val Canale. Tarvisio Tarvisio is one of the most important ski resorts and mountain resorts in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Surrounded by the Julian Alps and rich in wide valleys and woods – the Tarvisio Forest, with its 24,000 hectares, is the largest state forest in Italy – the town has a modern appearance but also a ancient soul, full of traditions to be discovered. Thanks to its particular position close to the border, it is a crossroads of languages and cultures where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet. The excellent cuisine includes Friulian, Carinthian and Slovenian specialties. In summer, when the greenery fills your eyes, you can choose from numerous paths where you can trekking , go horseback or mountain bike and reach large clearings that host refuges and huts . Here climbers and mountaineers can find majestic peaks to climb to experience the mountain to the full