Alpe Adria Shock Trail

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Alpe Adria Shock Trail
Polveriera di Valbruna--> Polveriera di Valbruna
39,1 km 3680 D+
€ 39,1-45
15 h
Federation: AICS
Official Start: 15/06/2024, 6.30 AM
Special Start:NO

Refreshment Points
Ristoro Km
Dogna Km 6
Pellarini Km 20
Valbruna Km 33

Time barriers
Km Time
Bivio 611, km 13 h 11.00
Pellarini, km 21 h 14.30
Valbruna, km 33 h 20.00

Bib Pickup Time
Location Time
Polveriera di Valbruna 14/06/2024 - h 14.00-20.00
Polveriera di Valbruna 15/06/2024 - h 04.00-06.00

Bag dopoff
Transition Bag restitution
> 12.00 15/06/2024
Location Time
Polveriera di Valbruna 14/06/2024 - h 14.00-20.00
Polveriera di Valbruna 15/06/2024 - h 04.00-06.00
  • Food and water necessary to be self-sufficient under exertion for 6 hours.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup, only for those wishing to take advantage of the refreshment
  • Mobile phone
  • Trousers and long-sleeved shirt, or a combination that, in case of need, covers the entire arms and legs.
  • Windbreaker resistant to 15,000 mmH2O
Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRICE
Fascia Importo
< 01.12 € 39,1
01.12 - 15.05 € 45
> 15.05 € 55


Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRIZES
Rank/Cat Premio
Finisher Finisher medal and race pack for all competitors!
1st- 2nd-3rd Man & Woman Zero kilometer food and wine products
Mappa generale
Participation Requirements

Caution: the race takes place on a trail 🏔️ classified as an "Alpine Crossing", EE, by the Italian Alpine Club. The course includes sections with handrails. 💪 On our website 🌐, you will find a detailed description of the route, complete with photos 📸 of the most challenging passages. Please note that participation is restricted to athletes with experience who can tackle the route autonomously. 🎽 If you deem it appropriate, for your own safety, you may choose to use a via ferrata kit, although this is not strictly necessary or mandatory. 🔒

🏞️ GPS tracks 🛰️🌍 will be sent to participants 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ a week before the race. 📅 Keen to uncover the route? Join us for our course inspections, a unique opportunity to run and get familiar with the structure of the race. 🎽 Subscribe to our newsletter 📧 and don't miss the announcement for the next inspection!

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For a select few. The highest trails and passages of the Montasio Group and Lussari that do not require equipment. A race for a few. Pure essence of the Julian Alps, completely on single track.

A start with a constant but easy climb towards the Fratelli Grego Refuge. It’s worth stopping immediately for a photo of the valley and the amphitheater that will represent the shock of this experience: the entire race is in front of your eyes in one photo, looking at the highest passages.

After the refreshment, you climb again along the Rondini Ring. Climbing towards the Sella di Carnizza (1767 m), you encounter a stretch of the route equipped with a cable for assistance. Once the Sella Carnizza has been overcome, from where you can admire the Carnizza di Camporosso and the majestic south-west wall of the Jôf Fuart and the Gran Nabois, you continue on a path dotted with mugo pines, heathers and rhododendrons, which offer a welcoming contrast to the rocky formations of the Cime delle Rondini.

Dopo il ristoro, si sale ancora percorrendo l’Anello delle Rondini. Salendo verso la Sella di Carnizza (1767 m), si incontra un tratto del percorso dotato di un cavo per assistenza. Una volta superata la Sella Carnizza, da dove si può ammirare la Carnizza di Camporosso e la maestosa parete sud-ovest dello Jôf Fuart e del Gran Nabois, si prosegue su un sentiero è costellato di mughi, eriche e rododendri, che offrono un contrasto accogliente alle rocciose formazioni delle Cime delle Rondini.

You then continue on the trail to the Prasnig saddle to take the path that leads to the Cima del Cacciatore: a 360-degree view over Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The Mangart Massif, the Canin Mountain and the Montasio. From here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Julian Alps, also spotting the Triglav in the distance. The Cima del Cacciatore is one of the most suggestive peaks of the Julian Alps, with the sanctuary of Monte Lussari at its feet. The path is narrow, single track, challenging and with exposed stretches. Physical preparation and experience are required, but there are no via ferratas.

From the Cima del Cacciatore you descend to the Sanctuary of Monte Lussari to reach the highest point, the goal of the Snow Trail, the route that many have known in winter version. From here you descend along the Alpe Adria Trail and the path of the Alpe Limerza, with a very steep descent but on a soft undergrowth of fir and beech. The descent ends in Valbruna and then you have a couple of kilometers of breath, in the placid forest of the valley floor, pampered by the waters of the Saisera stream. The finish line is near. On arrival, disbelief and satisfaction for the enterprise and the goal achieved.


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