Alpe Adria Snow Trail

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Alpe Adria Snow Trail
Telacabina Monte Lussari, Tarvisio--> Telacabina Monte Lussari, Tarvisio
14 Km 1100 D+ & 8.10km / 1000m+
€ 20-30
5 h
Federation: AICS
Official Start: 03/02/2024 h 11.00
Special Start:-

Refreshment Points
Ristoro Km
Lussari 8
Finish 13

Time barriers
Km Time
Lussari - km 9 h 15.30 (discesa in cabinovia)

Bib Pickup Time
Location Time
Cabinovia Lussari 03/02/2024 h 9.00-10.45

Bag dopoff
03/02/2024 h 9.30 - 11.00
Transition Bag restitution
03/02/2024 > h 10.00
Location Time
Cabinovia Lussari 03/02/2024 h 9.00-10.45
  • Food and water you will need to run 5 km
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup, only for those wishing to take advantage of the refreshment
  • Mobile phone
Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRICE
Fascia Importo
<01.12 € 20
01.12 - 15.01 € 25


Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRIZES
Rank/Cat Premio
I°-II°-III°-IV°-V° Cat. Man & Woman 🏆 Trophy 🏆
🎽 Technical shirt for all competitors and 🏅 Medal for all finishers
Mappa generale
Profilo Altimetrico
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A unique path in the Alps, running in one of the most iconic winter views in Europe

The Alpe Adria Snow Run is a unique event, a true test of endurance and adventurous spirit. 🏔️ This run courses through the splendid Julian Alps, culminating at the peak of Svete Višarje. From this privileged viewpoint, you can admire the spectacular peaks of Kamniti Lovec, Monte Mangart, Grande Nabois, and the Montasio Group, which stand out against the sky, offering a scene of extraordinary natural beauty. 🌄

What makes this competition unique in the world is its combination of challenges. The race begins with a strenuous climb on a snow-covered path. ️ The terrain may seem wild, but do not be deceived: every inch of the trail has been meticulously prepared by hand by our dedicated team. Despite the exertion of the climb, participants can count on a well-trodden and safe path. 🏞️

Upon reaching the summit, the run shifts to the ski slopes. 🎿 However, these slopes are closed to skiers and are fully available to the competitors. After the strenuous climb, participants can truly give their all on groomed and even ground, which reaches an almost vertical slope. They can truly give their best. 🚀

One final detail that makes the Alpe Adria Snow Run so special is that the trail is available only on the day of the run. This makes this experience even more exclusive and thrilling. 🏆

Two races in one!

8 km 1100 D+ 

Once you reach the top of Mount Lussari, you will automatically enter the Alpe Adria Snow Vertikal ranking, valid for ITRA and statistical purposes but without awards. An excellent opportunity to stop for lunch with friends in the huts at the top of the Lussari and taste the typical dishes of the Tarvisio area. It will then be possible to descend by cable car or by foot. We have designed this solution for those who do not like running downhill. Just communicate to the race staff that you want to finish at the top.

13 km 1100 D+

After reaching Lussari, you start to descend along the Pilgrim’s Path for another 5 km. At the end you will also enter the Alpe Adria Snow Trail ranking, valid for both ITRA and statistical purposes and with awards.