May 1, 2023

Pre-race updates: may 1st 2023

Status of the race routes:

Surprisingly, there’s still snow! However, with 15 days before the event, it’s too early to discuss it in depth. Here are three important pieces of information to consider:

  1. It is likely that on the day of the event, there will be some snowy areas, but special equipment like crampons is not needed. This was anticipated from the beginning and added a touch of adventure to the competition.
  2. The final assessment of the route will be carried out the Tuesday before the event, and we will inform you about the conditions and any changes, although none are expected at the moment.
  3. We have an alternative route in case of impassable or unstable sections, located on the sun-exposed slope. Therefore, we are prepared with a solid “Plan B” if necessary.

25-38 km routes… this year’s novelty!

The 25 km route has been updated and already tested with snow in February. Participants may encounter snow at higher elevations, but the use of crampons will not be required. We will provide detailed information between Tuesday and Wednesday before the event. We reiterate: The route is confirmed. Changes between 38 km and 25 km: can be requested before the start and at the finish of the 25 km race. Those who switch to the 38 km race will exit the 25 km classification. The 38 km route includes certification and ITRA points, but no awards. It is not possible to switch from the 38 km to the 25 km race during the event; it must be requested before the start. So, if you’re unsure, start as a 25 km participant.

Race goodie bag

In February, some participants requested crampons, which have been set aside and will be found at the bib distribution. For others, there will be short green shirts and long blue shirts, both produced this year. Distribution will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait until the last minute to pick up your bib if you want a specific model.

Beer Run:

Open to everyone, accompanying persons and race participants. For those who sign up for the 13-25-38-60 km races, the price is 10 euros. A new online registration is required on our website. Find all the info here

Overnight stay in the guesthouse:

Overnight in the Foresteria. It is located 10 minutes by car from the start and finish.

The start and finish are at Palasport di Tarvisio

  1. The guest house is very close to the city, available from 16.00 on 02/06.
  2. The guest house must be vacated by 16.00 on 03/06, leaving the suitcases in the cloakroom at the Palasport. Any luggage left in the guest house is under the responsibility of the competitor. 
  3. No eating, cooking or wearing trail shoes in the guest house.
  4. Access is restricted and allowed only to those who have booked.
  5. Toilet facilities are available at the guesthouse, and showers at the Tarvisio competition base, the Palasport. 
  6. We do not provide sleeping bags, sheets or blankets. It is possible to rent a camp bed.
  7. Camp beds can be booked, collected, and returned at the Palasport. We will ask a security deposit of 50 euros. 
  8. The accommodation must be booked, it is located  15 minutes from the race base. We changed the location to meet the high number of requests. 
  9. Use this link to see the entrance to the complex, the Valbruna military base.
  10. Once inside, proceed to the last building, this is the map. the location.
  11. The space is provided to you free of charge, but we pay for the rent and cleaning, we ask you kindly respect the space, leaving it clean and maintaining a dignified behavior. 

Alpe Adria Ultra Trail Staff

May 1, 2023