Alpe Adria Pellarini Trail

Race Info

Alpe Adria Pellarini Trail
Polveriera di Valbruna--> Polveriera di Valbruna
20,6 km / 1230 D+
€ 20,6-35
12 h
Federation: AICS
Official Start: 15/06/2024, 9.30 AM
Special Start:NO

Refreshment Points
Ristoro Km
Parco Tematico della Grande Guerra Km 5,3
Pellarini Km 8,9

Time barriers
Km Time
Pellarini, Km 8,9 h 14.30

Bib Pickup Time
Location Time
Polveriera di Valbruna 14/06/2024 - h 14.00-20.00
Polveriera di Valbruna 15/06/2024 - h 06.00-08.00

Bag dopoff
15/06/2024, < 9.30 AM
Transition Bag restitution
> 12.00 15/06/2024
Location Time
Polveriera di Valbruna 14/06/2024 - h 14.00-20.00
Polveriera di Valbruna 15/06/2024 - h 06.00-08.00
  • Food and water you will need to run 10 km
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup, only for those wishing to take advantage of the refreshment
  • Mobile phone
Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRICE
Fascia Importo
< 01.12 € 20,6
01.12 - 15.05 € 30
> 15.05 € 35


Contenuto PersonalizzatoPRIZES
Rank/Cat Premio
I°-II°-III°-IV°-V° Cat. Man & Woman 🏆 Trophy 🏆
I°-II°-III° Cat. Over 50 Man & Woman 🏆 Trophy 🏆
🎽 Technical shirt for all competitors and 🏅 Medal for all finishers
Mappa generale
Participation Requirements

🏞️ GPS tracks 🛰️🌍 will be sent to participants 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ a week before the race. 📅 Keen to uncover the route? Join us for our course inspections, a unique opportunity to run and get familiar with the structure of the race. 🎽 Subscribe to our newsletter 📧 and don't miss the announcement for the next inspection!

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For those who want to add elevation and the challenge of a steep but not exposed climb to the Pellarini Refuge, along a new trail with breathtaking views, waterfalls, and stretches in the ancient forest. Suitable for those with basic training and hiking practice.

A route suitable for those who have already run in the mountains and have a basic level of training. Challenging climb, easy descent.

The race starts along the stream towards the imposing amphitheater that encircles the Val Saisera with the peaks of the Montasio Group, part of the Julian Alps. From here, you will occasionally encounter peculiar sculptures that highlight distinctive elements of this forest. These are works of art made with resonance spruces, wood used for the manufacture of excellent quality musical instruments.

The Alpe Adria Ultra Trail, a significant event in the Julian Alps, takes place in conjunction with the Resonance Festival: discover all the activities.

Continuing along the trail, you arrive at a theme park dedicated to World War I: caves, slits, and strategic positions induce reflection on what our ancestors must have experienced in these woods of the Julian Alps a century ago. Thanks to detailed illustrative panels, you can learn about the historical events that took place among these trees, stories of life so intense that they are hard to imagine.

From here, you climb along an almost vertical trail, discovering unique views of the Val Saisera among streams, beech forests, fir trees, and rhododendron and mugo pine bushes. A very demanding climb, almost vertical, with no exposed stretches but with points to pay attention to.

Once the climb is over, you reach the Pellarini Refuge, where a refreshment point and a view that will erase all fatigue await you: Mount Naois, Val Saisera, Mount Lussari, and Cima del Cacciatore. From here you can see the entire race course, the descent of the 29 and 55 competitors from the Forcella Nabois, and the passage of the 27 and 39 on the Cima del Cacciatore.


You then continue on a trail and forest road to the Sella Prasnig, from here it’s 8 km of relaxation descending on a forest road to the finish line.

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