All technical information can be found in the bid data sheet listed below. This regulation explains the criteria for its application

  • The races are characterized by running in nature, aimed at promoting the territory they cross and sport in nature, enhancing the tourist resources of food and wine and nature, with a view to environmental respect and international cooperation.
  • It should be remembered that racing takes place in a potentially hostile environment.
  • Competitors must relate to this event with the optics and rules of hiking, mountain running and those used to face the natural environment independently without underestimating the rules and prescriptions of the organizers, who act in the interest of maximum safety of the competitors and with full knowledge of the facts gained from years of experience in mountaineering.
  • The event takes on a cross-border character over some distances and consists of semi-autonomous Sky Trail races, organized on a non-profit basis by the volunteers of the ASD SentieroUNO in collaboration with Local Associations, Bodies and People who believe in these values.
  • There will be an overall ranking with finish times and published on the website
  • There are cash prizes and prizes in kind. Special prizes are awarded to the first finishers and a souvenir of the race certifying the title of “Finisher” to those who have completed the race within the maximum time.
  • They are also awarded gifts to all members already at the time of delivery of the bibs
  • The timekeeping is carried out in real time, except for FIDAL competitions, that is, detecting the interval in which the competitor passed the starting line, arrives at the finish line, regardless of the starting time.



The races are run in semi-autonomy. Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, in terms of one’s own safety, food and equipment, thus allowing one to be prepared for unforeseen problems, e.g. adverse weather, physical discomfort, minor injuries etc.

In order to limit the production of waste, at the refreshment posts there are no plastic cups, so it is mandatory that each competitor has a container with him to drink.

The routes are marked with flags, tapes and spray chalk, except for the IPERTRAIL races where GPS navigation is provided.




Registering for a race is not like buying a product at the supermarket: it is a relationship of trust that is established between competitor and organizer, and vice versa. The payment of the fee does not give the automatic right to participate: it is necessary that all the participation documentation is in order and that the organization considers the competitor to be able to face the race safely.

Before completing the registration, you must read all the rules, fill in and accept the disclaimer indicating your data, including your phone number and email address.

Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicates full and unqualified acceptance of these rules and regulations, the race disclaimer and ethics.

  • With the registration, the participant releases the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or property caused by him or derived, before, during and after the race and waives any claim for compensation.
  • By registering, competitors authorize the organization to use, free of charge and without time or territorial limits, still and moving images of them during their participation in the race.
  • The competition will be held according to the legal requirements at the time of the event. It is therefore advisable, in the event of extraordinary or pandemic conditions, to visit the news section and/or ascertain what, if any, additional requirements are required by law. The consequences of changes in these legal requirements are in no way attributable to the organizer.
  • No assistance will be given and no personal data will be communicated to persons other than the holder of the registration profile, which must correspond to the competitor. This is to protect the competitor and ensure that the terms of the tender are correctly communicated to and understood by those who actually participate.
  • Are admitted to competitive events all those who have received a certification for the ability to participate in competitive sports events from a sports doctor. This suitability must be valid and specific for activities with a high cardiovascular commitment or have a certificate of fitness for competitive athletics or other competitive sport with a high cardiovascular commitment (rowing, skiing, soccer, triathlon, etc.), protocols B1->5. Adding that the same requirement applies to foreign athletes.
  • Individual competitions may have specific conditions of participation and these are listed in Article 1
  • The athlete, participating in the event certifies and declares to have the aforementioned requirements and to be in possession of the relative certification to guarantee his safety and safety.
  • No medical certificate is required for non-competitive races.
  • The registration fee includes the services described in this regulation and in the registration form
  • Registration is to be considered effective and confirmed when all the information requested in the registration form is provided correctly, the payment is made, confirmed and accepted by the organization.
  • Payment can be made online with credit cards and electronic payment methods upon registration on the portal.
  • For reduced-price registrations made on any date, payment must be made by the expiration date of the selected price range.
  • For registrations at a reduced price based on the quota, the price is locked for 3 working days. In the absence of communications of payment or request for extension, after 7 days, it may be canceled without notice or converted to the price range or type of bib in progress.

It is also important and necessary:

  • Be aware of the length and characteristics of the race;
  • Be perfectly trained to face it;
  • Having acquired, before the race, a real capacity for personal autonomy in the mountains to be able to better manage the problems deriving from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold) in relation to the length of the chosen route.
  • Knowing how to manage the physical or mental problems caused by great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds etc.
  • Be aware that the role of the organization is not to help a runner manage these conditions that are an integral part of the race experience.

In case of participation of underage athletes, legal guardians are asked to be well aware that:

  • That the minor has the physical and psychological characteristics to face the competition
  • Who has the technical knowledge to deal with it.
  • That he can cover the track in conditions that are not an obstacle or danger to the other competitors.




  • Any change made or requested to the bidding staff is subject to a secretarial fee of €5.00.
  • Changes that can be made independently by the rider are not subject to any secretarial fees.
  • Distance changes, bib transfers to third parties are all subject to the above mentioned secretarial fees
  • No change or postponement, refund or postponement, unless expressly agreed to, is permitted less than 7 business days from the start of the event that includes the race.

Conditions of cancellation, postponement, transfer or postponement

The race will be held in all types of weather conditions that allow it to be held in complete safety.

If the conditions are not favorable, alternative routes and escape routes are provided to allow them to be carried out.

Cancellation due to force majeure and/or impossibility to provide the service

Postponement of the race by the organization :

The organization may, in very exceptional cases, resort to postponing the event. This may occur for reasons of “force majeure”, i.e. weather conditions that make it impossible to safely hold the race, or for reasons of safety or public order and in cases where the postponement is requested by the local authorities. The postponement will take place in the following form and under the following conditions:

  • Immediate communication to competitors, via e-mail, notice in the news section of the site, facebook, race guide and Telegram
  • Possibility only for those who request it within 36 hours of sending the communication, to fall under the circumstances of cancellation by the organization.
  • After 36 hours from the publication of the postponement notice, the cancellation by the organization will no longer be possible.
  • The request to fall under the circumstances of cancellation by the organization can be made only once and at the first communication of postponement.
  • Postponement may occur one fall after another within 4 weeks of the original date.
    If it is not possible to hold the event after the 4th week from the original date, it will be postponed to the following year.

For cancellations by the organization :

  1. More than 90 days: full refund of the fee
  2. 90 to 60 days from the event 75%: Cancellation due to force majeure and/or unexpected inability to provide the benefit, we offer two options:
    • A) 75% refund of the fee B) Transferable once also to third parties on the following year’s edition, or not transferable to third parties with validity of two years.
    • B) Transferable once also to third parties on the following year’s edition, or not transferable to third parties with validity of two years.
  3. From 60 to 15 days 80%: Cancellation due to force majeure and/or unexpected inability to provide the service, we offer two options:
    • A) 50% refund of the fee + 30% discount on the following year’s edition.
    • B) Transferable once also to third parties on the following year’s edition, or not transferable to third parties with validity of two years.
  4. from 15 to 0 days 120%: Cancellation for reasons of force majeure and / or supervening impossibility to provide the service:
    • 90% non-transferable discount on the following year’s edition and 30% non-transferable discount on that of the following year.

For cancellations by the contestant:

There is a 90% discount transferable to third parties on the edition of the following year and a 30% discount transferable to third parties on the edition of the year after that, in the following cases, always subject to the secretariat fee and no later than 15 days after the event:

  • Mourning of a relative
  • Inability to participate for urgent business reasons certificates in writing and on letterhead by the employer
  • Incident incapacitating that makes participation impossible. This circumstance must be documented by a report by specialized doctor.
    • The medical specialist’s report does not require any additional attachments.
    • Non-specialist medical certificates are not allowed unless they are accompanied by a letter headed and complete with all the contact details of the doctor who draws up the certificate. In this letter, the doctor must certify that the patient is not in a position to participate in the test and that he is aware that further investigations may be required during the insurance claim phase.

Terms of use for discounts, transfers and refunds:

  • The discount recognized is equal to the percentage indicated with respect to the amount actually paid by the competitor.
  • The discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
  • Any options must be confirmed through the reserved area on the registration id platform no later than 60 days from the date of cancellation of the event.
  • In case of transfer of the registration to the following year, this must be confirmed again after the opening of registrations and in any case no later than 90 days from the date of the race. In case of lack of confirmation, the transfer for the current year lapses without the possibility of refund. However, the transfer to the next year remains valid only if foreseen.






  • To collect the bib it is not necessary to show up with the mandatory equipment.
  • It is not possible to collect the race goodie bag and the number on the starting line
  • Competitors in races that involve the use of GPS trackers are required to leave a deposit of 100 euros for the GPS tracker. The deposit will be returned at the end of the race upon presentation of the device. The deposit must be paid in 50 euro banknotes at the time of bib collection.
  • Bibs and race goodie bags that have not been collected cannot be claimed after the race.
  • It ‘allowed to collect the race pack on delegation to be made on plain paper and to be presented printed with a copy of the identity document of the delegator. The withdrawal of the bib by proxy is allowed unless legal requirements, even at the last moment, which do not allow it (Green Pass control).


  • Bagswith complete change of clothes or other bags can only be left at the wardrobe in the finish area at the time of bib collection or on the morning of the raceBags or sacks are not accepted at the starting line.
  • We are not responsible in any way for the loss or damage of the bags.
  • Bags will only be available for pick-up during the hours indicated in the table.
  • Bags not equipped with S1 label they will be set aside and delivered separately giving priority to competitors who require bags with labels.
  • We do not accept bags with specifications other than those provided by the organization
  • A shower service is foreseen at the finish of the race.
  • We are not responsible for objects left in the locker room or in the checkroom, as for hygienic and safety reasons, at the close of the competition they are disposed of.


  • Shuttles can be purchased in conjunction with registration or separately.
  • In addition to purchasing a ticket, you must make a reservation and receive a confirmation number or letter.
  • The times are published in the card of each race


The organization takes out civil liability insurance for the entire period of the race. Participation takes place under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences that occur following the race. When collecting the race bib, the competitor must sign a disclaimer.




  • The gates are listed on the race card in Article 1 and failure to adhere to the passage timing will result in exclusion from the race.
  • The race and refreshment staff have the unquestionable right to stop competitors visibly in a state of difficulty and / or in a state deemed unsafe when the race continues.
  • The race staff has the right to stop the competitors in motion at a speed deemed unsafe in relation to the climatic conditions, even if within the competition time barriers.
  • The maximum time is calculated on the first start time if there are multiple times.
  • The gates are time-stamped, meaning they show the time of day or night and not the competitor’s race time.
  • Entry gates apply only to the first start times, if any, and provide for the competitor to stop until the gate time or the passage of the first competitor in the race exempt from the gate.


  • Any withdrawal must be reported immediately to the telephone number indicated on the bib, if necessary, the eventual transport of the competitor to the finish will be organized from the operations room.
  • An on-call shuttle service is provided for competitors who wish to withdraw.
  • There is a “sweep service” that will cover the track following the last competitor in the race, in order to help the retired and prevent any injured people from being left without assistance.
  • Any bags and equipment of the competitors withdrawn will be delivered together with the bags of the competitors in the race, i.e. at the end of the race or at the closing of the point of life, or at the times indicated in Article 1





Given the extreme variability of weather and climate, the organization will publish two weather bulletins on the website in the “news” section with the following purposes:

Bulletin 1: 5 days before the race, to inform about the conditions of the route and the weather forecast.
Bulletin 2: 12 hours before the start with the latest updates and the result of the last survey on the route. In conjunction with the Bulletins may be made additions or

Variations to suggested equipment and race courses

In the event of extreme weather phenomena, landslides or events that make the route impracticable, last-minute changes will be possible. Any changes will be communicated clearly and in the shortest time possible to the participants also through the staff on the route if the race is in progress. In these cases there is no type of compensation to competitors. The suspension of the race is not foreseen in any case: the date and the geographical area are in themselves indicators of a strong possibility of bad weather, which is considered as one of the fundamental components sought by the athlete in the competition.

The environmental impact due to the production of waste from this event is limited thanks to actions such as, for example, the use of compostable or reusable crockery and cutlery instead of disposable ones, the dispensing of drinks on tap and the use of alternative ways of communicating and advertising the event.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race.

The Organization undertakes to publish on the site in the “news” section any updates on the route and conditions of the race.




Lack of respect, rudeness, attitudes of ridicule or contrary to sporting ethics, lead to exclusion from the race, even before the start of the competition, without any right to a refund of the participation fee.

The staff of the Organization present on the course are authorized to verify the compliance with the regulations by the runners and communicate the infringements found to the race jury.

All race officials have the right to stop a competitor and apply penalties or disqualifications in the cases provided for by the regulation.

Time penalties are applied immediately, at the end of the race, or in the following days with an increase in the time reported on the official ranking.


  • Voluntary abandonment of waste: disqualification
  • Departure from a control point after the deadline: disqualification
  • Departure in a starting group that is not really: disqualification
  • Cutting of a section of the route exceeding 200m: disqualification
  • Failure to pass through a checkpoint: disqualification
  • External assistance to competitors where not allowed: disqualification
  • Refusal to be checked: disqualification
  • Cheating: use of an unauthorized means of transport, sharing or exchange of bib numbers, marking of wrappers with the number of others: disqualification and banning for life
  • Challenge of the rules: disqualification
  • There is a 30-minute penalty in the event of consumption, transport or use of bars, supplements or gels not bearing the user’s bib number.
  • Providing incorrect personal or contact information: disqualification
  • Absence of mandatory material: penalty quantified by the controller or the race jury depending on the number of missing elements and the weather and physical conditions of the competitor
  • Insults, profanity, disrespect, threats to volunteers or staff of the organization or other competitors: disqualification and lifetime ban


Only complaints are accepted written within 30 minutes of the arrival time of the last competitor, with a deposit of € 300.00.

All reports of irregularities sent within 30 minutes of the arrival of the last competitor and related to:

  • Clear and unambiguous photographic documentation
  • Testimony of three people (to be verified with the race data and evidences in our possession)
  • If a report of irregularity is considered founded, we will immediately proceed to apply the sanctions as per regulation with the guarantee of the complete anonymity of the person who reports.
  • For FIDAL competitions, any complaints must be presented in compliance with FIDAL and R.T.I. rules.


The jury is made up of:

  • Race director
  • Security coordinator
  • Head of the medical team
  • Route managers
  • All competent persons designated by the President of the Organizing Committee.

The jury is authorized to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all disputes or disqualifications that occurred during the race. The decisions made are without appeal.